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README file for the URL Replace Filter Drupal module.


The URL Replace Filter module allows administrators to replace the base URL in
and elements.

Users tend to create links and images in their content with absolute URLs. This
can be a problem if the site moves to another domain (perhaps between
development and production sites) or is behind a proxy, with a different address
for authenticated users.

Some replacement examples:

Before: Some link
Some link

Before: Some image
After: Some image

You can setup such replacements in the URL Replace Filter settings as follow:

Replacement: %baseurl/

Replacement: %baseurl/

%baseurl is a token for your site's base URL. The above examples assume a site
%located in the domain's root directory (in which case %baseurl is actually

Like any Drupal filter, the original user-entered content is not altered. The
filter is only applied (and its result cached) when the node is viewed.


1. Extract the 'url_replace_filter' module directory into your site's modules

2. Go to the Administer > Site configuration > Input formats page, and click
configure next to the input format that shall replace URLs.

3. Enable the URL Replace Filter in the input format's configuration page, and
save the configuration.

4. Click the Configure tab. In the URL Replace Filter box, enter original and
replacement URLs in the appropriate fields and save the configuration. More
empty replacement fields will automatically be added after saving, in case
you need more fields than provided by default.